Destiny is for Losers

It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen

Also my family’s pretty excited because my cousin was in The Times at the weekend
(Promise we’re not posh?)

I travel for the same reasons I read, to escape my shitty reality for a while and to get to enter a world so different from my own that I forget who I am even for a short time

We’re in beautiful Barcelona and I’m ill which fucking sucks

Also had the best email from zee mother who is actually picking me up from the airport so I don’t have to lug my cases on trains and the tube wooh

We leave for Barcelona at 5am tomorrow and I can’t even express how magical this week has been
Venice has taught me so much about who I am as a person, I’ve met people from all walks of life - staying in a youth hostel, you truly get the genuine experience of meeting like minded people from different cultures and different environments.
Random chance encounters have been unforgettable such as one last night on our way home we decided to pop our heads into a tiny art gallery - the owner could tell me more about myself than even my best friends could. Or the glass shop owner on Murano who embraced us as if we were old friends and gave us recommendations for places to eat.
The past few nights I haven’t written because I’ve only been in my room to sleep. We’ve stayed up and then gotten up early to experience beautiful Venezia. Last night we convinced two boys to join the four of us on a gondola this morning ~ we somehow ended up drinking a bottle of wine at 10am, the gondolier made a pit stop at a restaurant to find a bottle opener.

I’m leaving with such great memories, but the best part is that completely coincidentally the people we’ve become close to are going to Barcelona too, so we haven’t had to say goodbye, we’ve just had to say see you soon!

So this happened today

Tonight was fucking magical

I feel like if I never came home the amount of people that would care would be minimal