Destiny is for Losers

It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen

Stumbled into an art gallery on S Giorgio

Pissed off email from the rents because of the pile of washing I left at home oops

Americans/Canadians play cheat differently ~ lesson of the evening

Spent the day on the island of Morano - their speciality is glass blowing and we watched some amazing demonstrations

We also met one of the owners of the shop who chatted with us for half an hour and gave us recommendations for places to eat (Venice on a budget is so difficult)

Zonked out so we’re back at the hostel for a nap zzzzz

(My blogs going to be purely a travel blog for the next two weeks ~ unfollow if you feel the need to)

In other news I’m 90% sure I’ve padlocked the key to my padlock.. Something to worry about in the morning

Day 2

Today was beautiful
St Mark’s Basillica and the Doge’s Palace in the morning
A bike ride around St Erasmo in the afternoon (the prettiest island and no one spoke English so we felt like we’d finally gotten away from the tourist traps)
Finished the day with a film night at the hostel surrounded by Irish, American and French accents

Day One

We purposely decided to book early morning flights so we’d arrive in Venice before 10am, although my 3am alarm clock felt horrific I am sure we made the right decision. We met in Venice, I flew solo from London and my cousin flew solo from Paris (party time because there was turbulence and guess who didn’t vomit!!)

Venice is so beautiful, I think for now it’s my favourite European City. Everything here is so picturesque, we spent hours exploring the backstreets of Giudecca and St Mark’s Square today basking in the culture and history of this beautiful city. We’ve also booked tickets to see a ballet on Friday (a first time thing for me) which I’m really excited for.

Our hostel is trying its very best to be hipster, but it is lovely, the food (and alcohol) is cheap, a rarity for Venice, it’s one Vaparretto stop away from the main tourist area. I think this trip is going to allow me to finally conquer my motion sickness once and for all - a plane journey and multiple boat trips and although I still feel like I’m swaying when I’m stationary, I haven’t yet been sick which for me is a massive personal triumph.

I’m having the best time, we stumbled accidentally into a beautiful art gallery today (anyone who knows me well knows I bloody love art galleries).

The city feels so incredibly safe, I’ve yet to hear a bad tourist tale about Venice and being here it’s understandable. With the slow moving gondolas and the spots of tranquility away from the tourist areas, Venice does not seem to be enough of a tourist trap to be unwelcoming or unsafe.

(Figured I’d try and write when I can, mostly because our hostel has free wifi, woo, we’re here for another seven days before heading out to Barcelona. The plan for tomorrow is covering the actual attractions in St Mark’s Square and we’re getting up early to get to the front of the line for the Basillica)

Ciao for now xoxo


*steals ur credit card*

hasta la visa

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